Health Design By Us

After running the Day of Design Thinking for the first time, I met Joyce Lee who brought me into her project of infusing user experience design into a patient centered medical practice. The focus of this reseach group was type 1 diabetes, and we mostly worked with adloscent patients. Much of our work looked at the educational process involved in type 1 diabetes, and how resources can be made more accessiable to adlosecents through the participatory design of them — but also how we can work with the community to find opportunities for simple interventions.

An example of a simple intervention is the SickApp, which was created to give patients (and their parents) a simple guide to preventing Keytoacdosis, which is a reaction that is common when someone is sick. This initial idea for this project came from a design workshop we ran, and then we took this idea and created a simple method of delivery. We build the ‘app’ as a mobile website so it would be easy for a parent to find, but also because the University of Michigan Health Systems rules on technology allowed us to produce a website with less review overhead then it would have taken to build an iOS application.

Working with Joyce helped me discover a passion for working directly with patient, and to be finding oppoertunites to empower the patients to do the work that makes the most sense for them. There is an amount of satisfaction I get out of helping people find the solutions they need, where I take the role as more of a guide then as of an idea generator.